Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dreamweaver Stencils' Sneak Peek Day Two

Today's the second day of the Dreamweaver Stencil's Dream Team sneak peek. My card today features the new Cherry Blossom Shape stencil...so gorgeous! The stencil is the shape of the flower, and the center can be embossed to highlight the beautiful design. I machine embossed it off the edge at the bottom of the red panel, which would be stunning all on its own. But I used the flower once again on the black panel. I used double-sided tape to adhere the stencil temporarily to the black panel. Then I used a palette knife to spread the Translucent Embossing Paste onto the stencil and across the center portion. Afterwards, I took a flat brush to brush the paste away and towards the outside edges of the black panel. Once dry, the brush lines mimic the lines of the center of the flower. Pretty cool, huh? I also paste-embossed in black the Hope symbol stencil, matted the panels and adhered the layers along with a simple black satin ribbon.
Remember, the whole Dream Team are posting their sneak peeks this week, so be sure to check out who is playing each day. You can find the list at right.


Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

I never would have guessed that the paste was translucent. Great technique Pam!

Laura Drahozal said...

Great technique and a perfect choice for the Lunar(Chinese) New Year! How elegant!