Sunday, September 4, 2011


So, if you haven't broken out all your stencils, paints, pastes, inks, sprays, etc., in a frenzy of inspired creativity, I have to assume that you are waiting for purchases of said items from one of your local stores, Woodware UK, or online stores such as Stencil With Style. There is no way that you have hopped back and forth across the pond with us all of last week, and not been inspired! I know that I am. There are a couple new tricks that I learned as well last week, and am anxious to try. Just in case you were waiting to see if by chance YOU were one of the lucky random winners of all of the blogs from last week, here is MY list of winners from my three posts:

Day One
#12-Kim X

Day Two

Day Three
#7-Sheryl H.

I used to generate the number for each day's winners. In some cases, I had to generate a new number as the winners would have been team members. The winners will also be listed on the Dreamweaver Stencils' blog, "Dream It Up!". Please go there to leave your email for contacting you, or email it to me (, and I will pass it on to Lynell. If you are in the UK, your info will be passed to Woodware UK for them to mail your prize. 
To everyone, please feel free to email questions regarding product, technique, etc. to any of the team members or to the Dream It Up! blog. We will be happy to help with tips and advice on this fun art form.  
Once again, the products that have been featured on our Dreamweaver Stencils/Woodware UK Hop Across the Pond can be purchased HERE or HERE.


Daria said...

Thank you!

Kim x said...

Thank you so much for picking me, the week was full of amazing creations. Looking forward to the next one.
Love Kimx