Thursday, June 19, 2014

Woodware: Buttoned Up for Fun!

Sometimes nothing adds that finishing touch quite like buttons! Easy to adhere, colorful, and dimensional, they just scream FUN! For the Woodware Buttons challenge, I've used the Dreamweaver Stencils' Rooster, and "Sludge-Pasted" him. Sludge pasting is when you either have leftovers of small amounts of embossing paste in various colors, and you slightly mix them, or you deliberately mix two or more colors for that mottled and streaky look. In this case, I did the second. Lol. Bright red and yellow pastes, slightly blended created an orange, and a fiery appearance. The sentiment is simple, and simply pasted as well.

The border at the bottom was created by using the Plaid/Stripes stencil...pasting in yellow one direction (let dry), then pasting in the other direction with the red (again...let dry). The colored matting and those fun buttons really added the final punch in creating a happy card for your recipient.


Viki Banaszak said...

I love your card. Those are some of mt favorite colors and I collect roosters. I will have to get that stencil.

Unknown said...

Bright and fun. Love the button border. A card suitable for a guy too.