Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Woodware Feeling in the Pink...and the Green!

Here's a fairly clean and simple card for this week's challenge for the Woodware and green! Featuring the Dreamweaver Cherry Blossom stencil, I've used the Double Glitter technique to create this cheerful, yet soothing, card. The process goes like this:
1. Cut panel of Double Sided Mounting Paper, and adhere to square of  white cardstock.
2. Peel off the carrier sheet carefully to avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers (oils will undo adhesive properties). Set aside carrier sheet.
3. Rub Hawaiian soap lightly over back of stencil. Use soft brush to remove "crumbs".
4. Place stencil soap-side down on adhesive. Use carrier sheet to press stencil into adhesive.
5. Pour green glitter over exposed areas. Press into adhesive with carrier sheet. Brush off and save excess glitter.
6. Turn panel over and place on firm surface. Carefully pull the panel away from the stencil using the carrier sheet to avoid touching the surface with your fingers...not the other way around! This protects your stencil.
7. Pour pink and crystal glitters over exposed adhesive, and rub in thoroughly.

Now that you have done the technique, finish the card by machine-embossing the Dreamweaver Art Nouveau Flourish on the front of the pink card. Apply Palette Glue Pad with dauber through the Thank You stencil on the card front. Heat set slightly and rub in green glitter into the sticky surface. Adhere the glittered panel to the card and embellish with Mark Richards Self Adhesive Crystals.


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