Thursday, March 19, 2015

Woodware: Playing the Accordion...No Tunes Involved

 I never realized how many forms of "accordion" creations there are in the paper-craft industry until I Googled it this past week! The Woodware team have been challenged to play with accordions this week, so it should be quite interesting to see the variety that are presented by our amazing team.

My version starts out fairly basic:
  1. One panel each of yellow and blue cardstock cut to 7" X 12". Scored along the long side at 3" increments, to have four panels. Fold "accordion-style".
  2. Layer on top of each other, and run through die-cutting machine with the Stampendous butterfly die on the outside two folds, and the Dreamweaver Nested Frames die on the center fold.
  3. Run each panel through the embossing machine with the Dreamweaver Quatrefoil Background on the long side. Brush or swipe blue or orange ink respectively over the blue and yellow panels, and around edges.
  4. Adhere strip of floral trim on center/back fold between each panel, crossing through the opening of frame.
  5. Cut two sections of Woodware Butterfly strings with three butterflies, in the middle being a large one on each.
  6. Ink one side of each large butterfly with blue, and the other with orange. Stamp each side with the Stampendous PenPattern Floral background in black ink.
  7. Adhere butterflies to inside of folds on both panels so that butterfly hangs in openings. Bend wings.
  8. Die cut one blue and one yellow frame in medium size from previous die cut. Stamp PenPattern Floral in black over both. 
  9. Cut small frames from white cardstock. Stamp sentiments from Stampendous Perfectly Clear Life Words on white frames. Adhere over yellow and blue frames. Adhere frames together trapping the floral trim attached between the two panels.
  10. Adhere more trim on both panels where the embossed design stops and leaves a line.
  11. Stamp floral pattern in black on one precut yellow butterfly and one in blue. Adhere to center fold of both panels.

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