Thursday, December 9, 2010

DREAMing and SCHEMEing of a White Christmas!

 It's Thursday so that means it's Dreamweaver Stencil's Dream Schemes again! Another opportunity to be wowed by our wonderful team, and another opportunity to play along and show us your stuff! Be sure to check out all the gals amazingness (is that a word? It is now!) and leave them some love, before hopping over to the Dreamweaver Stencil's "Dream It Up!" blog for more inspiration. Click on "Mr. Linky" there to link up your own creation for us to ooh and aaah over!
For my post today, I'm showing off the three porcelain ornaments that I decorated using Dreamweaver Stencils, embossing paste, and lots of glitter! The first uses a ornament shaped ornament, so of course, I used the Oval Ornament stencil! I paste embossed with the gorgeous Glossy Blue Paste, poured blue glitter over the surface, and set aside to dry. Once dry, I replaced the stencil over the ornament before placing the Gothic Snowflake over the top and paste-embossing with white paste and a generous coating of Crystal glitter. When this layer
was dry, I embellished with pearl stickers, ribbon, and jumbo snowflake sequins. The second ornament was a stocking shape, and since I have a thing for argyle socks, I used the Diamonds stencil with the Glossy Red Paste before pouring on the red glitter and setting aside to dry. Then I placed the Holly Flourish stencil over the top and stenciled a portion of that using Glossy Green paste and green glitter. Once all of this was dry, I applied a thick frothy coating of white paste to the top of the stocking, and covered with a mixture of white flock and crystal glitter. This ornament was embellished with a cheery plaid bow. The final ornament was a snowflake shape. For this one I paste embossed the Flakes Background in white before sprinkling with glitter and setting aside to dry. Then I
paste embossed the Gothic Snowflake in Glossy Blue and added the blue glitter again. Once dry, I embellished with ribbon and rhinestone stickers. I seriously had so much fun making these, and they look gorgeous on my tree. I intended them to be gifts for friends, but now...I don't know...I just may keep them for myself! So, now you've seen what fun I've been having with Dreamweaver Stencils, now you need to go visit the rest of the team as listed at right, create your own, and link your post to the Dream It up blog via "Mr. Linky".

#1-Blue Ornament:
"Oval Ornament" from Dreamweaver Stencils (LG674)
"Gothic Snowflake" from Dreamweaver Stencils (LL396)
Glossy Blue Paste from Dreamweaver Stencils (DGBP)
White Embossing Paste from Dreamweaver Stencils (DEP)
Western Blue Glitter from Stampendous (GM272U)
porcelain ornament (Michael's)
pearl stickers, large snowflake sequins
Zots glue dots

#2-Stocking Ornament:
"Diamonds" from Dreamweaver Stencils (LG618)
"Holly Flourish" from Dreamweaver Stencils (LG731)
Glossy Red Paste from Dreamweaver Stencils (DGRP)
Glossy Green Paste from Dreamweaver Stencils (DGGP)
White Paste from Dreamweaver Stencils (DEP)
Apple Red (GM275U), Emerald (GM258U), and Multi Crystal Glitter (GM220U) from Stampendous
Cotton Ball Fun Flock from Stampendous (FL400)
porcelain ornament (Michael's)

#3-Snowflakes Ornament:
"Snowflakes" from Dreamweaver Stencils (LJ819)
"Gothic Snowflake" from Dreamweaver Stencils (LL396)
Glossy Blue Paste from Dreamweaver Stencils (DGBP)
White Paste from Dreamweaver Stencils (DEP)
Western Blue Glitter from Stampendous (GM272U)
Multi Crystal Glitter from Stampendous (GM220U)
porcelain ornament (Michael's)
rhinestone stickers, ribbon


Wendy said...

I LOVE THESE!!!!! Simply amazing!!! I am going to get ornaments right now! or when the store opens!!! Love it!!!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Wow Pammie! YOu are the bomb...these porcelain ornaments are CRAZy Beautiful!!! One nice thing about that surface...if you make a booboo with the paste you could probably just wipe it off and start over huh? Crazy beautiful!

Anonymous said...

WOW Pam these are amazing. I really never thought about using my stencils on porcelian. I will have to go into the black abyss as my daughter calls the garage and find my porcelian and get to work.

Terrece said...

WOW! It looked like you made the ornaments just for the Dreamweaver Stencil designs. Love the was the paste looks under the glitter. Very intense. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! These are magnificiant. What a fabulous idea! These are wonderful.

Louise said...

What adjectives are left to describe these!!! You truly outdid yourself with these! I would not be able to give them away either.

Kristi said...

OK,,,Hate You....LOL Great job

Deborah March said...

WOW!!! OutSTANDing Ms Pam!!!

Liz Martin said...

The only problem with being the last to respond is that all the good adjectives have already been used! Wish I had these hanging on my tree!