Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dreamweaver-You & Me Swirls Card

Here's a nice mushy card created using Dreamweaver Stencils, three of them to be exact. I paste-embossed the images using Glossy Black Embossing Paste, which dries to be very shiny and slick. Each stencil is placed on the cardstock (or in the case of the heart, on printed paper), tape the edges of the stencil down with removable tape, mask off any areas you don't want the paste, and spread the paste over the stencil using a palette knife. Very similar to spreading icing on a cake with an offset spatula. I recommend practicing this technique a few times on scraps until you get the feel for it. Taping the stencil down keeps the surface of the stencil in contact with the surface of the paper and prevents bleeding under. After each image is pasted, carefully remove the stencil and clean immediately. Allow each pasted image to dry completely before cutting the panels and adhering to your card. Just to be slightly unexpected, I cut away a portion of the heart. I added simple black satin ribbon and pink rhinestones for embellishment. Great for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or just because...the best kind!

"Heart Swirls" stencil from Dreamweaver Stencils (LL567)
"You & Me" stencil from Dreamweaver Stencils (LS1004)
"Big Dots Background" from Dreamweaver Stencils (LJ804)
Glossy Black Embossing Paste from Dreamweaver Stencils (DGKP)
WorldWin and Bazzill Cardstock
dot print paper
double-sided foam adhesive
removable tape from Scotch/3M
ribbon, rhinestones (Michaels)

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Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Hi, Pam: This morning I posted the exact same card on the Dreamweaver Stencils Blogspot. I love this colorway,,,upbeat and fun, but more than that I think the design is really well done. In fact I utilized your design to teach another technique and posted it with yours. Thanks for answering the Challenge...we have quite a team.