Woo hoo for me!

About a month or so ago, I was contacted by the editor of Scrapbooking.com and asked if they could do a feature on me for their August issue. They chose one scrap page and one card done predominately with Dreamweaver Stencils and one card done with Stampendous images for this article. I was asked to write up how I became involved in papercrafting as well, so if you happen to be at all curious about this, please check out the article for yourself. To add to this excitement, they are featuring me again next month with more stencil designs. So, check back next month as well. Aaaaand, if that was not enough, they are featuring my blogsite the week of August 16th, which means I better get busy if I'm going to have some amazing samples ready to post for that week! It's always wonderful to be able to do what you love, but it's bonus when others like it as well!


Congrats Pam! You certainly deserve the attention. I love your work and can hardly wait to check out the articles.
Jamie Martin said…
Woo hoo, congratulations!!!!!! That's so exciting, and to think I knew you before you were famous :)

wendyp said…
Woo hoo!! Congratulations Pam!!! I loved your samples and I loved reading more about how you got into stamping!
Scrappychick said…
Congrats Pam! That is HUGE happy news!
Jennie Dove said…
Wow! Good for you! I am a tad bit jealous.....Okay...really jealous! That is so very wonderful, and you deserve it!
JoAnne said…
Congratulations! Well deserved acknowledgements for a creative and interesting blog and work.

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