Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Heart Flutters But "Love is a Battlefield"!

Are you ready for the new Dreamweaver challenge for the month of February? It will be a short month of posts for the Dream Team, but we're pretty excited to share with you our versions of "February Flutters", meaning anything that flutters. Heart flutters, wings that flutter, breezes, sails, etc. So, come along for the ride and link your own "flutterings" to the Dream It Up! blog for a chance to win the stencil of your choice. Meanwhile, here's my "fluttering" for the week:
 My card is almost an "Un-Valentine" card. With the spatter of red, a war was waged, no one won, and the end result is undecided. Lol. I did this card as a tribute to my two sons, and various other single people that I know, that detest Valentine's Day. To them it is just another reminder that they are expected be lovey-dovey with someone else, and to be spending an entire paycheck to demonstrate this. What happened to the days of those sweet little Valentines that everyone gave to their class mates? Why does Valentine's Day have to become this monumental event, seemingly designed to make one feel like a loser?

For those of us who have that special someone in our lives, and don't feel the need to boost the economy in order to prove it, this card is the perfect example of a strong relationship...slightly battle-scarred, but holding in there just the same. That is truly romantic!

Hopping off of my soapbox now to explain the design of this card. The background panel is done with the Ink Transfer technique (spraying or inking the stencil, placing the card panel on top, and pressing to ensure the transfer of the design) using the new Pop Rectangles stencil and Diet Cola Memories Mists spray. The center of the heart was the sprayed through the stencil onto the card panel. The red panel with the heart was the Letterpress Technique (ink sprayed onto the stencil, placed on the base plate of the embossing machine, card panel on top, then rubber mat, and two clear plates. All run through the machine to PRESS the inked design into the paper) with the Diet Cola ink once again, and the Ruffled Heart stencil. A quick spatter of Strawberry Daiquiri Memories Mists was the finishing touch.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. Hope you spend it with your special they romantically special, family special, or friendship special. Remember, "love will keep us together!", (although, apparently not for the Captain and Tennille any longer). Wow. I'm getting as cynical as my sons!

Now, let's go see what puts the "B" Team in a "flutter":


Lyn Bernatovich said...

Love the positive/negative use of the rectangles. Saw the splatter immediately and loved that too. Great card Pam and I enjoyed reading your anti-Valentine story...I agree, it's way overblown. My husband goes into my craft room and grabs scraps and makes me a sweet.

Heather said...

Loveley, just enjoyable. Thank you for sharing. I am getting inspired.

Louise said...

Sooo true! Love the explanation, and I think the splatter of red is wonderful, not blood like at all! Miss you!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Loving your philosophy of the holiday. Wayne used to make me Valentine cards all the time. ...the business of our lives requires so much out of us creatively that we don't have time for the simple things anymore.