Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Woodware UK: Flourishes and Swirls and Swirls and Flourishes!

Perfect challenge to post this card! Dreamweaver recently introduced this beautiful new Swirly Heart design, and I had this very swirly card created for CHA in January. The technique that I used is called "Sludge Paste", which means a mix of colors with embossing pastes. This can be deliberate, or it can be the bits leftover from other projects. You can mix 2-3 paste colors together, or just add acrylic paint, reinkers, alcohol inks, Metallic F/X, etc. The colors are not mixed completely, so the effect is marbled and interesting. In the case of my card, I mixed deliberately a small amount of Cosmo Pink Color Solutions Alcohol Inks (just a drop or two) into a small amount of the Regular Embossing Paste in a separate disposable container. I barely stirred this mix, so when I spread the paste across the stencil, the end result was an ombré appearance. I used a small amount to paste the design over a section of this gorgeous ribbon from May Arts as well. Just tape the ribbon down flat. Place the stencil on top, and tape that down with removable tape. Paste the design. Remove the stencil to clean, and let the ribbon dry (which doesn't take long as air is coming at the paste from underneath as well. I added a few sparklies as well in the form of crystals from Mark Richards. Woodware carries a HUGE selection, and you will want them ALL!

Don't forget to visit the Woodware UK blog all week for more inspiration!

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JD/ Jill said...

This is beautiful, and stunning. I really like the colors (since Pink is my favorite color. I like how you embossed the ribbon...