Monday, October 1, 2012

Dreamweaver Goes to the Dogs...Tags!

You just have to try this tutorial out! It is so simple, so fun, and so WOW! These "dog tags" were created with the supplies seen below:

Dreamweaver Embossing Paste (I used the Matte Black) • Dreamweaver Metallic F/X (I used Kiwi, Purple Satin, Goldfinch, Plum Royale, and Glacier) • Dreamweaver Mosaic Swirls and Dragonfly stencils • Stampendous Fresh Green and Purple Crushed Glass GlittersTsukineko/Imagine Crafts Jet Black StazOn, Goosebumps Matte Iridescent spray, and Sheet Metal Dog Tags • palette knife, removable tape, paint brush, bead chain, sponge

Step #1: On scrap paper, place dog tags and then stencils. Use removable tape to hold in place. Using paste and palette knife, apply paste over stencil surface, sweeping it over and up. Lightly scrap away excess from stencil surface and place back in jar. Remove tape and stencils and immediately place stencils in water for cleaning. (Use scrub brush to clean on a flat surface like the bottom of a plastic container. Rinse, and dry with a soft cloth.)

Step #2: While paste is wet, use a paint brush to pick up various colors of Metallic F/X powders, and flick onto the paste surface as desired. Press lightly into surface of paste.

Step #3: Apply heat tool over surface until the paste and colors bubble. *Careful! The metal tags will get HOT!* Set aside to cool.

Step #4: Spritz dog tags with Tsukineko Goosebumps spray...

Step #5: Sprinkle Crushed Glass Glitters over wet spray. Let dry.

Step #6: Sponge edges of tags with StazOn ink. String tags with charms, beads, etc., as desired...

Pretty fun way to take a cool technique (Molten Magic) and create some fabulous jewelry from it. The options are endless with Dreamweaver Stencils' fabulous selection of stencil designs, eighteen colors of Metallic F/X to choose from, extravagant texture from Stampendous' line of Essentials, and all of the ink and Sheet Metal options from Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts.

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Louise said...

WOW! these are so cool! I will have to give this a try, I have all the supplies!