Friday, May 20, 2016

Woodware: Let's Hear it for the Boys!

I know that the last time the Woodware team had a challenge regarding boys/men, I posted the Stampendous "Motorcycle Elements" card that I'd made for my younger son's 25th birthday...because he loves track-racing on his motorcycles. (I know you mums are cringing at the thought, but let's face it, we can't make every decision for them. We can just hope they'll be safe while doing it. At least on a track he's wearing really heavy duty safety gear...leather suit, racing helmet, etc. Much better than the idiots who zip through cars on the freeways here in California, wearing nothing more than a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops!)

Getting back on track now (haha...I made a punny!). My post for today features a card that I created for my son, Bryan, who actually helped me to make it, though he didn't know it at the time. I had this Stampendous "Acoustic Sounds" image stamped and ready to color with markers. He was bored (no...he's not eight. At the time he was twenty-eight!) so I handed it to him and told him to color it for me. This young man is very creative and artistic (wonder who he gets THAT from?), so this was no punishment for him. He worked hard trying to color the guitar PERFECTLY to match a guitar of his. (Did I mention that he's just a bit of a perfectionist? So much that if he can't do something perfectly, he won't do it at all...which is a huge list all on it's own.) It took him quite a long time to finish it, before I was able to use it to complete my catalog sample (sssshhh) birthday card for him.

The background of the card was ChalkCore cardstock from Core'dinations, which I machine-embossed with the Dreamweaver Waves and Dots stencil, and sanded to reveal the pattern. I added a scrap of guitar music which I'd stamped one of the Perfectly Clear "Happy Greetings". The focal panel was also sprinkled with Stampendous' Fran•tagĂ© "Spoonful of Rust" and heated. All parts of the card were distressed with ink. I had an old guitar string of his which I wrapped around the card, and added a "guitar pick" stamped with "#1" from the same sentiment set.

So you see that this card was a work of love and inspiration from my gifted son, of whom I'm very proud of...most of the time!

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