Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Bestie Birthday

We're having a party today, and all of you are invited! Our Grand Poo-Bah, and one of my besties, Laura Weed, is having a birthday. So, I'm posting one of my abso fave cards I've created. So much texture, shine, and pretty colors. Oh, and a dragonfly...I LOVE DRAGONFLIES! I've always felt that when creating or choosing a card and/or gift, that it should represent a special part of yourself, as well reflecting what you know and love about the recipient. In reality, then, this card should be in shades of purple (Laura's favorite color), and somehow incorporate great music, wonderful art, amazing literature, and various other ephemera in keeping with Laura's "Renaissance Woman" personality. Despite the massive quantity of knowledge stuffed in her brain, she still loves to know and learn from everyone and everything else, and as a result is the most open-minded and loving person that I know...and am still getting to know.

Love you, Sweetie!

You can visit more of our party goers here...


Connie said...

What more can I say.
I love it.
Connie :)

StampendousGraphics said...

awwwwww... I'm blushing!! Thanks, my dear friend!! You're waaaayyy too kind, and I appreciate you leaving out all my many faults for my birthday! :)
This card is gorgeous, and it will certainly remind me of you whenever I see it!
Thanks for helping celebrate my special day! - Laura

Shari said...

Gorgeous card. I love everything about it. ♥♥♥