Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dreamweaver Stencils: Hurry Up! It's Cold Outside!

The Dream Team is still in Holidays in a Hurry mode, and my post today is a quick and inexpensive gift idea. Who doesn't enjoy having some fun gloves and mittens through the winter?

If you'd rather, you could do several of these and clothes-pin them to a string as a winter garland, maybe with some bits of greenery and faux snow on them! Here's the basic deets:

I bought a can of Simply Spray fabric paint at my local big box craft store. I had purchased the glove shaper/dryer in the Target Dollar Spot last year, but you can find them HERE. The mittens can be found everywhere for around $1 a pair in plenty of fun colors. For the Norwegian sweater look I was going for, I used the Dreamweaver Christmas Borders stencil. Here's the steps:

1. Place the glove on the shaper. On the back (what will be the palm), pull any loose fabric and clip it.
2. Spray the back of the stencil with stencil adhesive for a close seal against the fabric. Mask off the other areas with sticky notes.
3. Shake the paint can for a couple of minutes. Practice spraying on a paper towel. You'll begin off of your project and end the spray off of the project. I recommend using gloves.
4. Spray across the stencil about 6-8 inches away until covered. Place paper towel over surface and press down. This pushes the paint into the fabric, and removes  the drippy portions from your stencil.
5. Move your stencil to spray the other areas, being careful to
mask off previously sprayed areas.
6. Repeat with the other glove. Set aside to dry, or use blow dryer (not your heat tool!), to dry quicker and set the paint.
7. When dry, decorate with ribbon, buttons, trim, etc. I used some awesome Houndstooth ribbon from May Arts for my snazzy pink gloves. If you would rather not have to sew these items on, you can use Beacon FabriTac perfectly!
Note: According to the package directions, you are supposed to be able to wash these painted items in your machine and even dry them on a low setting. Personally, I haven't tried yet, but I think I would hand wash and lay flat to dry.
Need some more ideas for quick, last minute projects and cards? Check out the "A" team:


Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Your projects this month have been so FUN!!! And the gingerbread die for! I would love to make that with Matilda! The gloves too and the lantern and the...and...sigh, not enough hours in our days.

Louise said...

These are adorable! What a great idea, you did a really good job getting the design detail! Merry Christmas!

Kristine Reynolds said...

What a great idea! So cute!

Lyn Bernatovich said...

How clever of you Pam! This is a darling gift and fabby technique!

Denise Bryant said...

Fun gift idea! I love how it turned out!