Monday, September 16, 2013

Woodware UK and Crafty Cardmakers Challenge Takes Wing!

Welcome to another Woodware UK post with the Crafty Cardmakers! Our challenge from them for this month, was to create "Things with Wings", and oh, do I have a beauty for this one!

This card features the Dreamweaver Butterfly which I machine-embossed/debossed into Mercart turquoise aluminum. I then sanded off the color from the raised areas and off the edges to reveal the silver under the turquoise. Placing several drops of Color Solutions inks (Citron and Sugarplum) onto the applicator felt, along with a few drops of the Thinner/Cleaner, and pounced it over the surface to add the lime and purple tones. All that was needed next, was to cut the panel, mat it with white cardstock, and adhere it over a gorgeous bow onto my card. A very simple card to create, with such a wow impact!