Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Nuts and Bolts About My Son!

See that cute face at the top? That's my baby. Tomorrow he will be 24 years old. Where did that time go? So much love. So much laughter. So many bandaged knees and elbows. Chicken pox and scarlet fever at the same time. First steps, first girlfriend, first job. Little Mr. Fixit is now Big Mr. Fixit. He's gone from using his Fisher-Price tool belt to "fix" his bike, to an official tool belt working for the Dept. of Water & Power, and "tuning up" his and everyone else's cars. Can you tell that I'm proud of him? Yep. I am. He's not perfect. He can be a real smart-@$$, but he also is the first to say "Love you, Mom" at the end of every phone call, and hug me tight whenever I see him. I still miss that mischievous little boy, but I soooo love the man he's become.
This post today features the card I created for his birthday tomorrow. He's always been proud of my papercrafting abilities, so of course, I had to make him a card. I think Mr. Fixit will love the nuts & bolts aspect of this Robot Friends image from Stampendous as well as the embossed Gears from Dreamweaver Stencils on the bottom panel. Gotta love the "screw" brad fasteners as well. Yeah, maybe the look is slightly childish, but that's you can tell from the picture at the bottom, sometimes so is he.

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Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

What a great card and post, too! Happy BIRTH day to you too. LOL