Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Dream Schemes-Blessings and Birds

 Once again, we have a free week for the Dream Schemers, so come play along with us! My card this week features a few simple techniques...Ink Transfer, Machine Embossing, and Double Glitter:
1) The background was ink transferred by spritzing the Damask stencil thoroughly with Memories Mists Silver and placing some wonderful watercolor paper on top, "transferring" the inked pattern to my paper with a gorgeous shimmer.
2) The sentiment was machine embossed by running the Bless You stencil through the Big Shot with metallic silver cardstock. (Remember to place the stencil face down to be able to read the sentiment afterward.)
3) For the Double Glitter technique, cover a white cardstock panel with Double Sided Mounting Paper. Rub a fat-based soap (Dreamweaver's Coconut Soap) over the back of the Love Birds stencil, and place on top of adhesive. Pour blue ultra fine glitter over image, "rouging" into the surface of the adhesive for best coverage. Carefully brush away excess glitter before removing stencil. Immediately pour silver ultra fine glitter over the remaining adhesive surface, rouging in once again for best coverage.

Once all of these elements come together on the card, you have a beautiful wedding, anniversary, or inspirational card with a definite wow factor.

 Wonder what the rest of the team has been up to this week? Go check out their blogs, the Dream It Up! blog, and play along!

Dreamweaver Stencils:
LL3011 Love Birds
LJ907 Damask
LM264 Bless You
DHHS Hawaiian Coconut Soap
DSP Memories Mists Silver
MPDS Double Sided Mounting Paper
TIPW Three Inch White Decorative Pins

GM272U Western Blue Ultra Fine Glitter (Stampendous)
GM254U Silver Ultra Fine Jewel Glitter (Stampendous)
white, navy, and metallic silver cardstock
sheer white ribbon
blue rhinestones (Queen & Co.)
Big Shot


sommrstamping said...

Pam ...this card rocks. You really outdid yourself this time. I have a wedding coming up I might have to borrow the idea and change it to pink and black. I hope it is cooler down your way, the bay area has been pretty hot the last few days but our wonderful natural air conditioning rolled in this morning.

Marijane said...

What an elegant beauty! Thanks for the details!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

this card is absolutely beautiful! Bless you!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous Pam!! I will have to look at the Ink Transfer tutorial again. Your background is beautiful. I hope you are well!!

Lee Kellogg said...

Wow, what a beautiful card Pam! Well done.

Laura Drahozal said...

SUCH a gorgeous and elegant card! I really love it! You should be very proud if you ever give this as a wedding card. I am not really getting the "ink transfer" technique on the background. I am sure it is just me.

Deborah March said...

It's all been said above...such a beautifully elegant card...a gift in itself!

Liz Martin said...

OMG. It's gorgeous. I'd be hard pressed to give it away!