Pretty in Paste: Day Five

As I've pasted for the holidays all week long, I thought I'd share a favorite of mine for summer. Following the same pasting techniques that have been featured all week, with a couple of changes...

Three stencils were used for this...the Sand Castle, the Scallop, and the Small Scales background. Each was taped to its respective panel with removable tape. Each used a dab of Pearlescent Embossing Paste on the edge of the Paste Spreader, but then...a bit of bright pink ink was swiped at the edge of the spreader using the ink pad, or a bit of reinker. So, as you spreader the paste over the stencil design, you get striations in the paste. The first pass made was over the sand castle where you see more definitive lines. The next was over the scallop design. And finally, the last was over the scales background. All three were set aside to dry. Stencils and spreader were cleaned immediately with clean water and a small nailbrush.

Once dry, the card was assembled, adding a few embellishments and a printed sentiment.

For more paste perfection, visit these links:


BurningRubber said…
This looks so pretty! I love all the layers.
OOOOOOOOOOOOO! My granddaughter is going to love this when I show her tonight!! That castle stencil has made it's way into my Amazon cart so that I can purchase it on Monday when my check arrives!! Can't wait to get it!! I am going to try the ink technique this weekend with a few other stencils though! I have an idea in mind that I want to try and if it works out I will post pictures to show you!
Thanks for the inspiration!! I love learning new techniques using the products that I so love and Stampendous and team always have lots of new ideas for me! Have a great weekend!!
Stampendous said…
What a fantastic technique for adding visual texture, the pretty pink card turned out amazing! Thank you for so many amazing project that you've shared this week and all the great techniques and tips with each one!
Lyn Bernatovich said…
You had me at pink, the sandcastle, the seashell, the scales background...oh my!!! I'm in love with this card!!!

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