Stampendous with Dreamweaver: Honoring the Brave

I created this two years ago in honor of America's Memorial Day, celebrated every year at the end of May. Here's what I wrote...

"In the USA, we honor the service men and women who have given their lives for our country in protection of our freedom and democracy, this time every year with Memorial Day. It's a time where families and friends get together for a relaxing celebration, and between bites of barbeque, fruit salad, and a couple of beers, we try to remember what this day is all about. Because others gave of themselves in the ultimate acts of bravery, we have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of picnics and parties. To some this may seem frivolous, but as the Bible tells us, "There's a time for laughter and a time for tears...", and Memorial Day is a mix of both.

I created a card in memory of these Americans, as a giant Thank You to them all. Featuring Dreamweaver's Bold Thank You and Star Swirl stencils, I did a marbled pasting of both, with a Joseph's Coat technique on the background panel. Something new which I only learned recently in conjunction with the Dreamweaver Teacher Certification* workshops that were taught last week in the Chicago, Illinois area.

I laid down inked stripes of Ladybug Red and Danube Blue Memento on glossy cardstock. Then I pasted the Star Swirls over the top in Translucent paste. When dry, I applied Galaxy Gold Brilliance ink over the entire surface, before using a damp paper towel to remove the ink from the pasted portions. These previously pasted portions resisted the ink, making it simple to wipe away. I used my heat tool to "set" the ink afterwards. The Thank You was marble pasted, allowed to dry, and cut out to pop up off of the card.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! May all of us remember those who came before us, and work still to provide us with the opportunity for every celebration we have. This is a day of respect and remembrance."

The Stampendous team are honoring our home of the brave all of this week. Please follow along for some patriotic inspiration...


Louise said…
This is a great card Pam, it says it all! Really like the layout with the three little flags for the "YOU"!
Thank you-well done!

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