Dreamweaver Showers of Showers: Week Two

Ever use the expression, "When it rains, it pours"? This does not have to be a bad thing, does it? For the month of April, the Dream Team are featuring "Showers of Showers" as our theme. As usual, we'd love for you to play along. Just link your creation on the Dream It Up! blog for a chance to win the stencil of your choice...bonus chances for incorporating Dreamweaver and/or Stampendous in your design. Here's what I'm showering you with this week...

Some of you may recognize this card, as I've posted it before. I was recently in a bad car accident, so my level of strength for creating in my studio is a bit low. Though I was scared half to death, I do feel that I have "showers of blessings". I'm still alive. My son is still alive and doing better than I. My arms and legs work just fine. And I'm fortunate enough to be blessed by so many friends, family, and followers who love me, and have been concerned with my well-being through all of this.

This card was created with a Sludge Paste technique by pasting the Dreamweaver Umbrella with a mix of both yellow and red embossing pastes, achieve an almost marbled look in the paste. The umbrella was cut out and adhered over a panel of the Damask stencil with an ink-press technique. Two or three shades of spray mists (Strawberry Daiquiri, Mango Lemonade, and Pink Lemonade) were spritzed over the stencil. The cardstock was placed on the inked surface, and then run through the embossing machine to transfer the inked design and press it into the surface. Another panel of coral cardstock was run through the machine with the Stripes stencil to just add an embossed design. The finishing touches were a pasted sentiment from the Dreamweaver Rain Words, some sparkly flowers, and pretty ribbon.

For a shower of inspiration, please visit the blogs of the "B" team:


Lyn Bernatovich said…
A lovely card design Pam with lots of technique going on. So glad you're on the mend.
BurningRubber said…
I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope your feeling better soon. Don't be like me and not get help if you need it. I never went to a dr and 3 years later I was having debilitating headaches from whiplash. I finally went to a chiropractor and finally got relief but many years later I had to get surgery on my neck to fuse the bones in my neck.
I hope you get to feeling better soon.
I love your card! It is so bright and cheery. Definitely worth a double take.
Beautiful Card Pam! So glad you are feeling up to stamping! Take Care!
Louise said…
Love this card Pam, it is perfect to re-share for this month! I am so happy you are feeling a little better, and yes, you were definitely showered with blessings!
JD/ Jill said…
I didn't see this fabulous card before so I am so glad you re-shared it.

I just now read about your bad accident. Hope you are doing much better. I've been in the same spot...and after looking at the two totaled vehicles. I wondered how we all walked away from the accident with just some minor injuries. I was so fortunate...Still counting my blessings from that terrible day.
Cindy Groh said…
Your card is beautiful and perfectly suited for this months challenge theme.

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