Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Woodware Father's Day Gifts All Tied Up

Once again, Woodware has me hopping. This week, we have been challenged to create a gift for Father's Day. As with Mother's Day, this happy day falls earlier in the year in the UK than in the US, so I was unprepared. However, I have step by step directions to demonstrate that you, too, can be on time for this prestigious occasion. All you need are a cheap cotton tie from Primark (try Wal-Mart in the USA), and the supplies shown below: 

Dreamweaver Cathedral Window, Electric Guitar, Guitar Words, Clearsnap Mixed Media Ink, Sakura Micron Pen

Tape down guitar stencil. Tap red ink through stencil using stencil brush until saturated. Remove stencil and apply heat tool to set ink.
Tape down Cathedral Window over tie, and ink stencil with white ink over background area only. Heat set as above.
Place guitar stencil over design again, and trace outline with Micron Pen.

Ink stencil the selected guitar words randomly over tie. Heat set once again.
See??? Wasn't that simple? And you KNOW that Dad will be off to the offices on Monday, proudly displaying his one-of-a-kind, hand-made-with-love tie to all those jealous barristers! No, you say??? Okay, well maybe just around the house watching aging rock gods on the telly.

Need more Father's Day inspiration? Check the Woodware blog daily all this week!

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Cindy Groh said...

That's fun. I bet he'll love it. Very creative.