Frosty Fun Finale

Here we are at the final week of December, and the final month of 2012, with all its joys and sorrows. The Dream Team is celebrating one final week of Frosty Fun, and we really want you to play along! Create something with our theme in mind and link it on the mr. linky on the Dream It Up! blog, or email pics to, for an opportunity to win one of two prizes. Those who enter usually have their cards featured on the Dream It Up! blog and/or our Facebook page, which is always fun to see what everyone else is creating.

My creation here featured the Skates stencil once again, and was paste-embossed in silver on a die cut blue panel, to show off the shiny blades. Then I paper-pieced the actual skates in a fun plaid (I love plaid...must be the Scot in me!) The cute sentiment brad moves us away from a Christmas themed card, and just celebrates the fun of playing in the snow and ice.

Blessings to all of you in the new year. May 2013 be bountifully filled with love, laughter, and joy, with only a smidgen of sorrow to remind us of how fortunate we really are, and how important it is to care for those who are not.

For more Frosty Fun, please visit the coolest chicks in Stencildom:


Lee Kellogg said…

Oooh plaid skates! Very cool Pam.
Liz Martin said…
Ah, the patience of a saint for paper piecing the skates. But, they are perfect! Well done, Miss Pam.
rose s. said…
awesome!! i love the plaid skates :) did you use regular glue to stick the paper to the paste? so want to try this.
I LOVE this card, Pam! I NEED this card, Pam!
Lea said…
I love this card! I'm a fan of plaids, too, just love them! I've never thought of pasting then paper piecing over, what a wonderful idea! Love this card, Pammie Sue, it's just plain happy!
JD said…
What a great card. and a great technique! Didn't realize you can emboss and then paper piece over the embossing...What a great look, and paper piecing is a technique I really like to do. Thanks for sharing.

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