Clearly Another Great Collaborative Week!

Carmi Cimiata is a fun and funny gal. She runs the viviacious Resin Crafts Blog where she explores the most amazing uses of EnviroTex Craft Resin. Take a walk through her projects, they will astound you. She makes it look so easy we just had to try it.
We saw the potential immediately! With all our terrific images plus all the amazing things you can float or embed in the resin…ooh… Fran•táge, here we come!

For my first post for the Stampendous/Envirotex collaboration week, I chose to start simple and small. They had sent us a package of the Jewelry Resin, a bezel, and a bottle cap to play with. I went with the bottle cap on this.

It's hard to tell but my bottle cap has a jaguar pattern, so I went with a jungle theme...using the Cling Tropical Garden set, the wings from the Perfectly Clear Corset Ladies, Perfectly Clear Butterfly Beauties, the Perfectly Clear Altered Typewriter Alphabet, and the (sniff) no longer available on the Stampendous site, Perfectly Clear Jungle Borders.

The card was created with stamped portions of most of these, layered, sprayed with Memories Mists inks, colored slightly with Copic markers, and some bright orange flock to match the May Arts natural woven trim, and orange jute.

Now, here is where the fun starts...I did a small bit of math to figure the size of a shrink plastic circle that I would need to fit the bottom of the bottle cap once shrunk. (Most shrink 50%.) I stamped a butterfly, a swirl, and a saying using Brilliance inks on the white shrink piece. I swiped both sides with a bit of talcum to prevent sticking during the shrink process. I used the heat tool to shrink, and placed an acrylic block over it to flatten completely while cooling. This went into the bottom of the cap followed by a sprinkle of Stampendous Crushed Glass Glitter in Fresh Green and Powdered Blue Color Fragments. I then (following directions!) mixed a small amount of resin in a dosing cup, added a couple of drops of Color Solutions Alcohol Inks in Iceberg blue, stirred for the recommended time, and slowly poured over the other "ingredients". If you have any bubbles, they recommend softly blowing over the surface from the side. I really had no problem with bubbles, I think due to the fact that I live up in the High Desert of California where there is pretty much no humidity. Things dry really well here! After a 12 hour curing period, I was able to adhere this cap to my card, over a stamped dictionary page.

That was so much fun! I don't know why I was so nervous about  doing this. I immediately began mixing up more, and thinking up more items to be filled and coated with resin. You'll see what else I've been up to on Wednesday, Friday, and the big hop on Saturday! Meanwhile, leave a comment for me and head over to the rest of today's players:

We have 3 prize packages for our friends with US mailing addresses.
  • We’ll draw one winner from the weekly comments on our blog.
  • We’ll draw one winner from the comments on Saturday’s Big Blog Hop
  • We’ll draw one winner from Facebook – You need to SHARE one or more of our posts about this project on your Timeline **
Each prize package from us will include a pack of Jewelry Resin, a bottle cap, bezel and button to try, and the Stampendous Charm Collection Perfectly Clear Stamps – perfect jewelry sized stamps for your crafting pleasure!

Yep. It's clearly going to be another fun week!

** Why do I need to SHARE the Facebook post ?  Because Facebook has changed the way they show posts from a Page to that Page’s fans. (There are millions of posts a day now!) When you “share” a post it lets Facebook know you want to see posts from us. It also tells your friends what we’re up to and extends our “reach”. Maybe they will come like us, too! That IS why we’re doing this, to meet more people! Plus when you share, it lets us see that you did, that makes it easier to pick a winner for the contest.
How do I SHARE a post? Visit our page on Facebook  – Stampendous – We’ll keep an EnviroTex post pinned at the top this week – just find it and click on SHARE underneath the post, it’s blue. It will pop up a window that says Share On Your Own Timeline. You can write a message in the box if you like then click Share This Link. That’s it…easy!!


Terri Burnette said…
I have not used bottle caps before but this is really cute! May have to give it a try
Denny said…
Leave it to you tocolor the resin with alcohol ink! So smart and it looks like your looking at the image in the bottom of a pool. I love it!
Wow, do these colours ever go together. Love it.
wendyp said…
LOVE that orange and aqua! THis is absolutely stunning!!!
Miriam Prantner said…
What a great embellishment you created! Love the colors!
Susie said…
You are super clever! Can't wait to see what you do next.
EK Hil said…
Wow, love how you pull all of your colors and themes together! You make it LOOK so easy!
Jingle said…
Fabulous card!
Lisa said…
Pam- I'm crazy about bottle caps and resin together, only not as a bottle of resin to drink. I love this project. I have a million bottle caps that need a project like this!
I LOVE this!!! Beautiful!
Janelle said…
Beautiful card and a fun way to embellish it with the bottle cap. You're projects are all so amazing, Pam. Great work!
JD said…
Beautiful card!
Wendy said…
Pam....holy smokes!!! Beautiful projects my friend!!!
Beetique said…
this is a great looking card!
Lillian Child said…
Pam ... I can't believe that is your FIRST try using this product. It looks like you're already a professional! What a delightful project!
The colors you have used are incredible together and your charm is so delicate and pretty. I love this card!
This is so gorgeous, Pam! We're out of Jumbo Tropical Garden right now, but your local stamp store should have some! Great project!
Suzanne C said…
Love this color combo and the accent of the bottle cap is perfect!
Sue D said…
Very cool project and I like how you used the shrink plastic.
Lea said…
Love how you gave your bottle cap wings! It's really cool. Beautiful card!
Queen Mary said…
Love the bottle caps!

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